Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Planting Seeds

Last week, I had another fruitful conversation with a colleague who is having kids blog.  While I was hoping to have a link to those blogs to share, alas, it was not to be.  Combined with my recent meet up with Doug Bundy, Alfie Kohn's research, and the Dave Mathys' 20% project at Lake Oswego High, there is a clear trend here.  Blogging allows kids to submit their work to a wider audience than just a teacher.  Kids take blogging seriously and are often far more reflective in their blogs than they are either in a conference or filling out "another" meta-critical survey.  Blogs receive visitors from all over the world.  Crafted properly, a student's blog could easily replace a report card.  Kids receive authentic feedback in a timely fashion.  Families can connect to their children's work, and the blog provides a longitudinal record of achievement and growth.  A student's blog would be much richer than either narrative reports or report cards.  Imagine schools with no report cards.  I am considering turning my midwinter project into a blogged one.  Students would include their writing, 3D projects, and teaching ideas.  Or, I might go for a project similar to the 20% project.  I am thankful for those who mentor me and show me the possibilities of what can be.  Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.