Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spent today wandering Tel Aviv. Found a lovely cafe for breakfast. The Israeli breakfast was two eggs, cream cheese, feta (fresh and delicious), bread, tahini, Greek salad, tuna salad, olives, butter, Nutella, and Capuccino. No wonder it took the better part of two hours to eat everything! Noa and Pam had Muesli with fresh fruit and honey. Then it was time to deal with mobile phones. One of our innkeepers, Serge took us under wing, navigated us to Dizengoff Center (a post all its own), where we purchased sim cards, plans, etc. After much computer theater (I helped the cell folks troubleshoot their hardware) we all had both temporary and permanent phone numbers. Afternoon walk was a lovely allee (Rothschild Street) filled with Bauhaus architecture. We discovered that to be a tree in Tel Aviv was no easy task. Only the fittest survive! On a side street, we found the ultimate in metallic trees, not so good at carbon dioxide producation, but certainly fascinating art.

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