Friday, January 15, 2010

And back again

Trying out blogwriter lite app to post this from an iPod touch. The three buses to get from Mofet in Tel Aviv back to Jerusalem cost less than the cab from our apartment to the bus station! Teachers in the computer class are making fine progress and began presenting to their peers yesterday. Their peers were an interesting audience. Some listened,some ignored the whole presentation and worked on their own stuff, some took cell calls. The computer lab is state of the art with brand new computers, flat screen monitors, ergonomic chairs, plenty of workspace, good light and airflow.  I wonder how many Israeli schools have such a facility?  Will post a few photos once I get a moment.  Back at the laptop.  Blogwriter lite worked as I have to figure out how to access photos from the touch....Israeli snack breaks are terrific!  Hummous, olives, feta, cream cheese, fresh fruit, veggies.....I'd go to class just to eat the food!  Of course, it is good I don't drink coffee....instant in every school setting I've seen so far!  It felt good to arrive in Jerusalem again. All seemed familiar. Our long walks paid off. I knew exactly where the bus was headed.  Headed for the shower, dinner, and bed.  A meeting with Reuven Werber was scheduled for the next day.

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  1. The hardware and the furniture in the computer lab may be state of the art - but building a computer lab with three long rows of work-stations facing the board/screen at the front of the room seems far from "up to date" pedagogically speaking. I'd think that a course that seeks to enhance educationally valuable integration of computers in the classroom would be held somewhere more conducive to creative interaction between the participants.