Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trying out new apps

My friend Jay Hurvitz is blogging about some interesting topics right now. You will need a translator or you can enjoy the original Hebrew here. I downloaded 5 free apps today and learned that free isn't always the best price. Craigly is an app which allows iPad users to interact with Craigslist. It seems to work as advertised, though the interface isn't always intuitive. A new Edinburgh city guide is excellent for those traveling to Scotland, either virtually or in person. Touch Icon works as advertised, and I think might eventually be useful for those who use their iPad differently. I created my own custom icon for a couple of websites I regularly visit and also a couple people I email on a regular basis. If I organize my iPad correctly, I will click less to email these folks or have to navigate Safari's bookmarks. it was a fun diversion, but probably not my iPadding style. My Album simply returned one error after another and has already been jettisoned from the iPad. Finally I played with Thicket, and I must admit, I don't get it. I love Winter Break,and getting the house to myself for an hour or two. Off to the gym so I can eat more fudge!

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